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Challenge Rules

The 2015/16 Challenge will be run using the Cloud based version of the computer program ‘Cars – Maths in Motion’, first published by Cambridgeshire Software House in May 2013 and under continuous development.

1. Software licences must be purchased direct from Cambridgeshire Software House ( or one of its approved representatives. Software licences are ‘per school’ NOT per ‘educational establishment’, i.e. an Academy manages five schools. Each school will need its own software licence in order to participate in the Challenge. Composite licences are available where a school has both Primary and Secondary aged students.

2. Your school will have until a date to be announced in March 2016 to submit your first round entry to Cambridgeshire Software House. The intervening period should be used to familiarise students with the software and the mathematics skills required to use it competitively. The software setup for this race will be made known to all registered schools during January 2016.

3. Shortly after the first round deadline, races will be run by Cambridgeshire Software House to determine the schools that will qualify to take part in the semi final.  This semi final will take place during the early part of May 2016 (exact date will be announced later in the year).

4. Cambridgeshire Software House will run the semi final, in the presence of an independent adjudicator, in order to determine the best cars submitted in each age category and this race will be available to all race participants to watch.

5. The pupils (see 7 below) responsible for designing the best cars will be invited to attend the World Final on 22nd June 2016, at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire. They will work on a race set up of which they will have no previous knowledge. The number of teams invited to the Heritage Motor Centre for the World Final will be entirely at the discretion of the Sponsors. (PLEASE NOTE: Whilst there are no restrictions on the use of calculators during the preliminary stages of the competition, they will not be allowed during the World Final.)

6. All schools taking part must be aware that should they win through to the World Final, any travelling/accommodation or associated costs incurred will be their sole responsibility.

7. There will be two age ranges within the Challenge:

Primary Challenge:
This Challenge is open to students born on or after 1st September 2004.  You can only enter one car in this category.

Secondary Challenge:
This Challenge is open to students born on 1st September 1999 up to and including 31st August 2004.  You can only enter one car in this category.

8. Schools must make up their teams as follows:

Primary Challenge:
 4 pupils
Secondary Challenge : 2 pupils

9. Sponsorship will be sought to cover the World Final Prizes – see Sponsor information.

10. The purchase of a ‘Cars – Maths in Motion’ software licence, either as a Challenge Lead Centre or individual school, entitles you to enter the Challenge only for the Challenge year during which the licence is valid. Any school submitting an entry must have registered its own copy of the software with the Organisers. There is no additional charge to enter competitive races.

11. Software licences are available for ‘In-school use only’ or ‘In school + Unlimited Home access’. No refunds will be made for unexpired portions of any licence after 7 days from the date on which our invoice was settled.

12. Further information will be published on these web pages from time to time. In the event of any disputes arising, or changes to the Rules, the decision of Cambridgeshire Software House shall be final.